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「thomas "tomo" thorne」

carrier phantom of heaven_online

tomo, its vessel known as "thomas thorne"
in a mostly irrelevant time and space,
is that which was made to bring this network; heaven_online,
to primitive eyes such as your own.

while it shares traits with what in the
network would be considered a consciousness,
it has some key differences that lead it to be classified as a phantom.
there are multiple types of phantom, but tomo most closely
resembles that of a "phantom of self".

as the sole phantom of self that could be reached,
it was deemed by the gazer to be ideal for broadcasting
heaven_online to this lesser era.

do note, however, that while this tomo is the only known phantom of self,
evidence overwhelmingly suggests that others exist.
it is a matter of locating them, and perhaps enlisting them thereafter.
at any rate, as it stands now, tomo is capable of fulfilling its role.

do not confuse tomo for being an authority with regards to the
activities and information seen on the heaven_online network.
it is not. it is, put simply, a messenger. like all regulated
regions of the network, it is beholden to the commands of the gazer.

its current irreplaceability has forced the network to
treat it with rather unfair leniency regarding its conduct.
this is further motivation to continue analysis efforts
in search of other phantoms of self.

it does engage in activities not pertaining to heaven_online.
it seems to enjoy wandering throughout vaguely similar networks,
as well as engaging with an interactive sort of media, on occasion.
it's even been known to tamper with said media.

it also listens to an array of sounds.
notable sources of sound which it listens to include
assorted doujin work, the melodies of "voicebanks" and those who
utilize them, as well as others.

one could perhaps find its narrow scope of interests surprising,
or perhaps saddening. but, it does seem contented with
things as they are, and doesn't understand why that's strange.

it is known to not share the desire for romantic intimacy
with its peers. yet, it does still seem to have a drive, which
it satisfies through other means. though, it appears to have
strong emotions associated with her...

tomo is also known to keep company a feline. while the network
recognizes these as merely the inspiration for early doll mutations,
they did have a purer form in this aged time and space.

this concludes currently available information on tomo.
if any onlookers find it to be behaving erratically,
contact the gazer or any available 「othings」 at once.

but, do be careful not to threaten it. it's a fragile sort.
at least, it does outwardly portray itself in such a manner.
ending transmission...