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「momo "tomo" thorne」

messenger phantom of heaven_online, alleged "creator"

tomo, its vessel known as "momo thorne", was born in 2002
(currently 18 years of age.) it claims to be a "creator",
shying away from more specific descriptions of its creations.
with this in mind, it was brought into the network as a phantom.
unlike most other phantoms, its presence and form seems to have nothing
to do with actions of the 「angels」, and it shares more traits with
a consciousness than a phantom would be expected to.
it is classified as a "phantom of self."

tomo is the only phantom of self that could be reached,
and so the gazer deemed it to be ideal for carrying out
the task of bringing the network to the eyes of its primitive ilk.

while tomo is indeed the sole documented phantom of self,
energies traced throughout the network overwhelmingly suggest
that others must exist. it is hoped that they can be located,
and enlisted thereafter. as it stands,
however, tomo is capable of fulfilling its role.

do not confuse tomo for being an authority with regards to the
information within, and the activities of the heaven_online network.
it is not. it is merely a messenger. like all regulated components of
the network, it is beholden to the commands of the gazer.

its current irreplaceability (see above) has led it to be treated
with rather unfair leniency regarding its conduct. this is
further motivation to continue search efforts for other phantoms of self.

tomo, existing from a flesh-bound form in another time and space,
seems to have interests and hobbies not pertaining to heaven_online.
it seems to enjoy certain "video games", often older ones and especially
works of a more surreal, dreamlike kind. "websites" with a similar aura
and feel also do great work in capturing its attention. some may even have
directly inspired the very essence of heaven_online.

it also enjoys many types of sound. "experimental" or "alternative" music
was commonly listened to, and it seems to be very passionate with regards
to the "voicebanks", deities enshrined within the halls of material space
and even this very network. audio that may be even stranger
is also commonly taken in by its pores.

despite traits one may expect from something fleshy, tomo does not seem
to be overly concerned with romantic endeavors, wishing to spend its
days alone. however... there is one entity whose
presence truly resonates with it... her...

tomo does, however, seem to keep company a feline. they do,
after all, understand it and its world far better than it
or its peers. alas, these creatures, much like "humans",
no longer exist. yet, their legacy can be felt...

this concludes all currently available information
regarding tomo. if an observer finds it to be behaving
erratically, notify the gazer or any available 「othings」.

thank you for your time.
ending transmission...