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the following are questions that one may
wish to ask 「tomo」, and what its answers would be
to such questions. if there is a question you have
that is not covered here, please connect with 「tomo」,
and -- if the question can and should be answered,
it may be added to this page.

Q: is this deep web/an arg/the occult?

A: "no."

Q: what inspired you to create this website?

A: "many things. the act itself was inspired by other websites,
which are named and linked to in the about page.
the story itself, however - the stories, rather,
are inspired by a large sum of things. the aforementioned
websites perhaps, but also the life events
and media that have shaped my worldview."

Q: why a website, exactly?

A: "i find net art to be very, very fascinating. there's
a magical sort of flexibility and capacity for creativity
in expressing yourself through a website. the story i wish to tell,
and the thoughts i wish to invoke... there was no other option."

Q: how did you make this or that image?

A: "well, i have a few very different approaches i'll take
depending on what i want an image to be. what's pretty
consistent though, is using paint.net, gimp, and various
plugins for the two of them in tandem to achieve it. i often
do not have a plan going in, but the image knows what it
wants to be, and will bring me to such a finished product."

Q: what is the meaning of all of this?

A: "i don't know any more than you, but...
something very special, i'm sure."

Q: can i get a hand with this or that puzzle?

A: "sure! my advice is to spend a great deal of
quality time with the puzzle. some may be timid,
but you just need to listen closely,
and offer it flowers of thought. your puzzle-solving
woes will not last long with such a plan."