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「angelic articles」
a small sample of 「information」 on the angels.

angels are special creatures. angels were created when the
minds and bodies of some "humans" fell into the singularity
of material heaven. some could retain their fleshy forms
for some time after this, while others - such as
archprincess 「l'thelle」 - quickly shed the skin of
their old bodies in pursuit of growth. it's said this
transformation was enabled at least in part by a force known
as negative entropy, the last gasp of "human innovation."

"humans" were creatures that felt compelled to inch too
close towards the gods. in doing so, they were undone.
angels remained, however. they are infinitely unstable entities
that trend towards infinite stability.

their existence is openly defiant of possibility,
and they have developed a purely parasitic relationship
with the remaining "gods", some growing into such a form
to render them servile. most notably, the archprincess who would
go on to domesticize gods and feed off of their energies,
which were later extracted more efficiently in specialized facilities.

angels did not want other "humans" to join them in their formative
decades - and those personally smited by them were made into
various forms of phantoms. others that were not so unfortunate
as to draw the personal ire of the angels instead lived on
as consciousnesses, many of whom now peruse
the network of heaven_online.

this network, and perhaps others, came to be
when a powerful consciousness shouldered the responsibility -
or perhaps had it shouldered upon him - of bringing what remained of
his kind to lasting peace. he would become a formless but ever-present
"gazer", one who seeks to mitigate the influence of angels in pursuit of
prosperity for the consciousnesses, done first by means of talks, and
- if needed - what little force he and the networks truly can exert.
simply put, the gazer's stated purpose is to create and bring a miracle.

the angels do not demonstrate a coherent agenda to any specific ends.
an angel wishes to grow for the sake of growth, to change into something
that is "greater" for change's sake. this marches on without regard for the
past or future. angels do not always get along with one another as a result.
many find themselves assimilated into their former peers. the angels trend
towards merging wholly with the archprincess.

more powerful angels are often somewhat more collected
in demeanor. however, this may simply be an effect of having access to a
steady stream of sustenance, rather than any traits
these particular angels may have, especially considering
the archprincess' frequent and manic fits.

negotiating with the angels is difficult. they are hard to reach and
nigh-impossible to get through to on any matters. yet, the gazer
routinely makes the effort, as their influence becomes increasingly
harder to ignore as one strays further into the networks past the gazer's
reach. some networks have apparently went offline, one now being
made entirely of pasty-white plastic. the angels spread a
fertile sterility. and yet, beneath it all - they may be
the purest remaining form of "human."

should angel growth continue, the strings held by the gazer may begin
to break down, leading to a sure erosion, and potential assimilation, of
heaven_online and any surrounding networks.

thank you for your time.
ending transmission...